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Hello there, my name is Blanka and I’m the mum of two lovely teenagers and wife of a bicycle enthusiast, who’s been my companion over 25 years. I love yoga, scented candles, crystals, nature…. and my great passion, essential oils.

I’ve been using essential oils from different brands for many years, mainly in aroma lamps and soothing baths. But that’s  has changed for me since I discovered essential oils from dōTERRA. Learning about the oils, I discovered their amazing properties in helping to support health and the overall wellbeing of the body, mind and even spirit, and I was hooked. There are incredibly potent (50-70 times more than herbs, often only 1-3 drops are needed to get a result) and incredibly versatile (you can smell them, massage them, add them to your cooking, even use them instead of perfume). I’ve always preferred a natural approach to support body natural ability to heal and now I’ve got the right tools for my health tool kit. With dōTERRA oils being tested Certified Therapeutic Grade Oils, I finally feel safe enough to use them directly on my skin and even internally (not all oils are indented for internal use, always check the label).

Essential oils benefits | AromaNita.com.au

For me, essential oils are the gift from Mother Nature, delivered to you in convenient small bottles.

Just to give you an idea our family favorites are:

Peppermint Essential Oil Touch Roll On doTERRA | AromaNita.com.au

Peppermint oil with carrier oil to ease menstrual cramps

My daughter and I massage a couple of drops with carrier coconut oil onto our lower abdomen and back.

After the first time my teenage daughter came for more and now she has her own roll-on bottle ready to use when she needs it, even at school.

Lavender oil for mosquito bites

My son’s mozzie bite quickly disappeared after applying just one drop of a lavender oil on it

Lavender Essential Oil Touch Roll On doTERRA | AromaNita.com.au
On Guard essential oil Protective blend doTERRA | AromaNita.com.au

Diffuse to support immune system

To support our immune system especially now, coming in to the flu season, I diffuse the On Guard protective blend all around my house and my family is not even aware that they are getting an immunity boost.

Although my family and I have a great experiences with essential oils I’m aware that everyone’s body is different. So please, if you or your child has specific health conditions or concerns, it is always wise to consult with your GP before using essential oils. Always seek medical attention for serious sicknesses.

Ease digestive discomfort

For any digestive discomfort DigestZen blend is our personal saver. (After a night with friends and maybe too much wine my hubby had a bit of a heavy stomach, after massaging one drop of DigestZen in carrier coconut oil over his stomach area he was good and ready for a family Sunday)

Digest Zen Essential Oil Touch Roll On doTERRA | AromaNita.com.au
diffuser-pendant-for-essential-oils | AromaNita.com.au

Dressing in essential oil

I just love to dress in any oil or blend I need at that time instead of perfume or use my diffuser pendant.

There are so many different ways to enjoy essential oils benefits and it would be my pleasure to introduce you to more essential oils and hopefully inspire you to give it a try a see for yourself.

With love from my home to yours


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